Ladder Ball Rules: Your Complete Guide

Welcome to our website ladder ball rules. If you are like us, which is perhaps why you are here, you enjoy the ladder ball game. Either down at the local ball game, at the beach or in the backyard, it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends. A game learned in minutes but a lifetime to master, ladder ball can be played by almost anyone and enjoyed by the whole family.

Like any game, even one as simple as ladder golf, there is the need for some rules. This website covers what type of equipment is needed, heights and distance, techniques allowed, scoring points, and how to win games.

This site will provide you with all the information you need about the basic rules around ladder golf and how you can get the most from the game. We have also covered some of the essential equipment you need and reviewed some of the products you can now buy from the basic kit to the top of the line for serious player needs.

Weekly Video

We have had some great feedback on the site and have been pleased so many have visited and found some helpful information. A number of the comments have been about whether video links might be beneficial for readers. So here we will start with what we hope will be a weekly video about ladder ball. You can access our video library section here or from the right-hand side menu.

Assembling Your Ladder Ball Set …

Ladder Ball Rules

Ladder ball rules

So, as the site name suggests, we provide you with a comprehensive article on the ladder ball rules. We set out the equipment needed, distances and measurements, and how it is scored and won. You can access the article here or from the menu on the right sidebar.

Ladder Ball Equipment

Ladder Ball Sets

Although the game can be played almost anywhere with a bit of open space, there are some basic equipment requirements. We provide several product reviews to help you make the right choice to meet your budget and level of experience. Please click here for further details or access the article from the menu on the right sidebar.

Build Your Own Ladder Ball Set

Build Your Own Ladderball Set

We realize that everyone’s budgets are on the relatively tight side these days. So we wanted to provide information on building your own set without the expense of buying a new one. For those with a bit of do-it-yourself ability, we hope you find this article of use (click here), perhaps saving you a few dollars along the way.

Ladder Ball Videos

Ladder Golf Videos

One of the best ways to learn about any sport is through watching others and enjoying the game. We have put together various videos dealing with the game, constructing sets and some of the whacky ladder ball things people do.

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