Ladder Ball Sets and Accessories

If you are starting with your first ladder ball set or looking for the replacement with the other one looking a little worse for wear, we hope we can help with a list of quality listed below. In compiling the list, we have tried to provide examples for all price needs and experience levels. In addition, to complete ladder ball sets, ready to go almost straight out of the box, we have also covered ladder ball accessories that you may require. So if you are looking to buy ladder golf sets and accessories, you have come to the right place.

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Ladder Ball Sets

Maranda Enterprises Double Ladder ball Game by Ladder ball

Maranda Enterprises Double Ladderball Game


  • Team Ladder ball set ideal for tailgating, barbecues, vacations, and more 
  • Includes 2 goal uprights, 3 red bolas, 3 blue bolas, and instructions 
  • Players try to land bolas on series of crossbars from 25 feet away
  • ASTM toy safety tested and approved; safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Designed for ages 4 and older; comes with carrying and storage bag


An excellent entry-level set that will get you going straight away. Well priced at the time of writing at only $29.99 with free shipping from At the time of writing, this set comes with a 14% discount.

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set Blongo Family Fun by Blongo Family Fun

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set


  • Enhances eye/hand coordination 
  • Combines elements of bocce, horseshoes, croquet, and other lawn games 
  • Ideal for camping trips, family reunions, phys-ed classes, and even rehab clinics 
  • Additional accessories–such as scoring tower or extra ball sets–are sold separately 
  • Includes: 2 BlonGoals (Racks), and 2 Sets of BlongoBalls, Yellow and Orange. This is enough for 2 players or 2 Teams 


A very good set, although we think a little overpriced. It’s good quality but probably a little more than you need to spend if this is your first set. However, it’s a nice quality set and so perhaps better suited for those looking at a replacement/upgrade. currently has it priced at $56.07 (with free shipping) and a 20% discount included.

Ladder Toss & Ladder Golf Set by Tailgate360

Ladder Toss & Ladder Golf Set


  • Portable Ladder Toss Set 
  • Lightweight Wooden Structure 
  • 3 Standard Bolos 
  • 3 Soft Child-Safe Bolos 
  • 2 Ladders Includes – Quick and Easy Assembly 


A charming mid-level set from Tailgate360. This wooden set looks brilliant and indeed a more upmarket set that would suit most backyards. Although with only 4% off the RRP at the moment, it’s still not badly priced at $48.20 with free shipping from

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game by Ladderball

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game 1


  • Award-winning ladderball game; designed for two to four players 
  • Includes two durable, steel goal uprights; three red bolas; and three blue bolas 
  • Also comes with convenient carrying and storage bag; bolas are made with soft, safe plastic 
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Covered by a 30-day limited warranty 


Well, Ladderball indeed came up trumps with this top of the line ladder ball set. For those where the budget isn’t as critical, the Maranda set is aimed at the top end of the market, priced at $99.98 (free shipping is, of course, included from We wouldn’t recommend for your entry-level set, but lovely set nonetheless.

Ladder Ball Accessories

Ladder Golf Brand – Silver Bolas – Set of 3 by Ladder Golf

Set of 3 Ladder Golf Bolas-Silver


  • Additional sets of official Ladder Golf bolas can be purchased so you can play with more people. 
  • Every player or team will need a unique color bola. The more colors you have the more people can play. 
  • Each set of bolas is made real golf balls, specially designed brass inserts and premium nylon rope. 
  • All materials are resistant to wear and should offer a lifetime of game play.
  • Other colors are available on Amazon: Blue, Black, Pink, Purple and Silver. 


Out of the sets available, we do like this one. It’s a good quality additional bolas set and value for money at $12.67 from (although the shipping may get you for total order under $25.00).

Maranda Enterprises 6 Pack Ladderball Bolas by Maranda Enterprises

Maranda Enterprises 6 Pack Ladderball Bolas


  • Soft, but strong, material for safety 
  • Play just like real golf balls 
  • Includes a full set of bolas to allow for more players 


Maranda is well known for its quality products, and this bolas set is no exception. The pack sells for only $11.48 (unfortunately, no free shipping at under $25.00 from

Blongoball Balls by SSG

BlongoBall Soft Indoor Ladder Balls


  • For Indoor play 
  • Safer for play with small children 
  • Fun For All Ages 
  • For Play on Hard Surface 


Better known for their ladder ball sets, SSG does produce a replacement, Bolas. The set is selling for only $15.04, with a small discount from